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Joel's World

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Joel Miller Tantramar CD Participant with mail order

Joel Miller Tantramar Download Participant (128 kbps Mp3)

Joel Miller Tantramar High Quality Download Participant (320 kbps Mp3)

Find a Way CD Participant with mail order

Find a Way Download Participant

Mandala Live shows Download Participant Offer

Playgrounds Orchestra Live at Lion Download D'Or Participant Offer

Playgrounds CD Participant with mail order

Sky Beneath My Feet CD Participant with mail order

Tantramiller Studio Download Participant Offer

Mandala Vocal Project Download Participant Offer

past project highlights

  • Pre order a copy of Joel's upcoming album (Delivery Date Nov 15 2007 12:00AM )
  • Purchase his existing albums
  • Experience the process that Joel Miller goes through to create his latest CD
  • Hear stories about his inspirations
  • Listen to interviews with him and other artists
   This project was completed on 1/31/2008    read more
The original project description read as follows

Welcome to Joel's World. Come in and experience the creation of my latest CD.

By participating in this project you will hear the stories that inspired my works. You will also gain insight into the process of producing my music.

Along with the new CD I will provide you with audio lectures and interviews with the artists involved. Participating in this project will take you on a journey through Joel's World with video of my live performances and rehearsals, photo galleries, sketches and journals .

Visit my Participant Offers listing and see which one is right for you.