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Living Effortless Mastery

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past project highlights

  • Witness Kenny Werner apply his principles of Effortless Mastery to his own creative process as he writes the opus of his life - I Honor You As My Own Self
  • Gain insight into all of the Effortless Mastery steps by experiencing Kenny Werner apply them to day to day situations
  • Watch the evolution of I Honor You As My Own Self a work for orchestra and choir and the most important piece of his life
  • Receive VIP tickets and green room access to every Kenny Werner live performances
  • Witness the development of a brand new orchestral work as it is driven by Effortless Mastery
  • Enjoy personlized lessons with Kenny himself
  • Listen to piano improvisations Kenny recorded exclusively for this project
   This project was completed on 3/17/2008    read more
The original project description read as follows

Watch as Kenny Werner applies the principles of Effortless Mastery to his daily creative process and witness the evolution of a work for orchestra and chorus – ‘I Honor You As My Own Self,’ the opus of his life named for an eternal Indian chant.

The Living Effortless Mastery Project and the creation of ‘I Honor You As My Own Self’ will be an artistic adventure through the inner and outer world of divine music for both Kenny and all of his participants.

In 1996, Kenny Werner authored and published Effortless Mastery - a spiritual guide to tapping one’s innate creativity. Participants will be able to witness his idea of ‘effortless mastery’ come to life through his own commentary, videos, downloads, audio clips and writings. As an accompaniment, he will also provide daily inspirational thoughts and guided meditations to lift your creative self almost everyday.

Through this unique and highly personal project, you will have the exclusive opportunity to learn about how Kenny discovered the principles of Effortless Mastery and how it actively lives within him on a day to day basis.

This is a project that will resonate in the hearts of individuals searching for their own unique creative voice. Visit the Participant Offer listings and become involved in Kenny Werner’s Living Effortless Mastery today!