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Vertical Voices - The Music of Maria Schneider - download (320 kbps Mp3)

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past project highlights

  • Make it happen! Participate in the creation of a new recording by Julia Dollison and Kerry Marsh, performing "orchestral" vocal versions of some of the most beautiful compositions by pioneering ArtistShare® artist Maria Schneider
  • High quality downloads of the tracks on the new album project and/or an ArtistShare® CD registered for authenticity
  • Get inside the harmonies with downloads of vocals-only mixes of the recordings
  • Exclusive photo galleries
  • Streaming audio and video from the artists, giving you a window into the construction and development of the album, as it's being made
  • In-depth looks at the experience from the recording-technology perspective
  • Access to online journal entries
  • Download of the charts/notes from the session
  • Exclusive interviews with the band members
  • Purchase Julia Dollison's CD, "Observatory"
   This project was completed on 9/16/2010    read more
The original project description read as follows

Welcome to our project, "The Music of Maria Schneider", where we look forward to creating a new perspective on Maria Schneider's great works by building orchestral sounds using our two voices—and having you participate in the process. By choosing to participate, you will have a unique look into how we prepare for and execute the recording and production of the album, multi-tracking our voices in place of the original wind instrument parts, including trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, saxophone, flute, clarinet and more. By joining us in the process, you will get to experience the thrill of bringing new sounds, colors and textures to what are already some of the greatest original compositions in the jazz world and beyond!

As a participant, in addition to purchasing the new album (to be released on Mar 14 2010 12:00AM), you will be able to follow the development of the recording from start to finish in many different ways using a multimedia approach.  You'll learn how we came to be interested in this music, and how it brought us together both personally and professionally.  You'll have a window into our home studio through streaming video and audio, and you'll be able to witness how the beautiful and complex tapestries of sound written originally for Schneider's orchestra translate for voices. You'll also find a description and audio sample of each piece being included in the project, photo galleries and videos from some past live performances, and a technical look at our home studio, equipment and methodology used for the vocal tracking process.

We are offering several levels of participation in this project, to fit any personal budget and interest level. The offers range from the download of high quality mp3 files of the final project including the entire Project Experience streaming and downloadable media collection, to the opportunity to be the Executive Producer of the album, with full credit on the final album and a host of highly customized and personalized experiences and products associated with the creation of the new music.  We're particularly excited about our Educator and Vocalist Participant Offers, which are designed especially for secondary and collegiate jazz educators and their students. The Educator offer includes a clinic experience for school ensembles, in addition to the rest of the Project Experience.

When you sign up for a participant offer, you'll unlock a wealth of media surrounding this recording project, and new content will be added on a regular basis as the album takes shape, from the first planning stages to the final audio mastering. Our Bronze, Silver, Gold, Educator, and Executive Producer participants will receive special recognition in the final CD booklet and on the ArtistShare website.

You can also purchase Julia's latest CD "Observatory" which includes exclusive online content, audio shows, videos, downloads, sing-along tracks, sheet music and more!