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doug beavers

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Art of the Arrangement Gala at the West Gate Lounge - March 11th, 2017

Art of the Arrangement Download (320 kbps MP3 Delivery Date June 30, 2017)

Art of the Arrangement LTD Edition CD (Ship Date June 30, 2017)

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project highlights

  • Receive prominent ArtistShare® credit listing on the new recording
  • An invitation to the recording/mixing/mastering session as my special guest
  • Enjoy VIP access to performances
  • Experience the beautiful art of the arranging process

Welcome to Art of the Arrangement, my second ArtistShare® fan-funded project.

The effort will enlist the talents of living, historical arrangers to handcraft new works for the project, orchestrated for large ensemble.  Through the lens of these new works, I will forge a set of my own compositions and arrangements to round out the vision of Art of the Arrangement.

Acknowledging that the musical arrangement itself is a celebrated, unique, and vital art form, Art of the Arrangement will directly involve fans in the creative process of the arranging, from the initial creative spark to the final, recorded version. Participants will be able to interact in person with these celebrated arrangers and me, as the project transitions from initial idea, to production, and ultimately to the completed recording.

As the project develops, you will be able to follow the creative process through videos, audio clips, photos, downloads and more. Become an integral part of bringing Art of the Arrangement to life.