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new standards cd (mail order)

New Standards CD (Mail Order)


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what you get

  • Ed Neumeister’s ‘New Standards’ CD via mail
  • An exclusive audio discussion/demonstration regarding focus and improvisation
  • 3 downloadable original lead sheets from the ‘New Standards’ CD
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New Standards can mean any number of things and that’s why the title was chosen. One of the musical elements the title is intended to portray is the tradition of the jazz standard which, of course, has been a major part of my development as an improvising artist. Here we have “Take the A Train”, “The Peacocks” and “Speak Low”, clearly standards, but I wanted to put my own touch on these tunes. “Take the A Train” has been twisted both rhythmically and harmonically. In “Speak Low” the original four-bar phrases have been stretched into five-bar phrases and the harmonies have nothing (or very little) in common with Kurt Weil’s original harmonies. The form has also been reorganized in that we don’t hear the bridge until after the solo section; each soloist has his own solo form. “The Peacocks”, by Jimmy Rowells, wasn’t rearranged, just interpreted. “Picks and Pans”, by John Scofield, is a tune that we’ve been playing for ten years so, obviously, we like to play it. It should be considered a jazz standard!