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lembrança – study score (downloadable pdf)

Lembrança – Study Score (Downloadable pdf)

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what you get

  • "Lembrança" Study Score (transposed) in downloadable pdf format
  • Video of Maria discussing this work
  • Video of Ryan Keberle (trombone soloist) discussing performance of this work
  • Video of Jay Anderson (bassist and soloist) discussing performance of this work
  • Mp3 mix version without drums and percussion to better hear horns
  • Mp3 mix version of rhythm section only to better dissect what they are doing
   This project was completed on 10/1/2003    read more

"Lembrança" was recorded on The Thompson Fields. This piece was inspired by the Brazilian samba schools of Rio. It has quite a bit of percussion, and has passages that ritard while the subdivision of the samba doubles up, giving the feeling of slowing down, but becoming more rhythmically dense at the same time. I've included some streamed video of interviews, and a couple of extra mixes that will help you extract the sound of the horns when you follow the score, and another mix with just the rhythm section that will help you better hear what they are doing. There's a lot to explore and I hope you'll enjoy it.