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the monarch and the milkweed study scores (downloadable pdf)

The Monarch and the Milkweed Study Scores (Downloadable pdf)

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what you get

  • Downloadable study score (transposed) in pdf format for "The Monarch and the Milkweed"
  • Video of Maria discussing this composition
  • Mp3 of the recording mixed with no drums for better listening to horns
  • Video of Marshall Gilkes talking about the performance of this piece
  • Video of Greg Gisbert talking about the performance of this piece
   This project was completed on 10/1/2003    read more

"The Monarch and the Milkweed" was recorded on The Thompson Fields. The opening is quite classical in nature. The piece has a lot of rubato, and though each of the solos are based on chord progression similar to the other, I approached each solo slightly differently, and I'll discuss this in my video where I talk a little bit about the writing of this piece. I've included streamed video interviews with each of the soloists on this piece, Marshall Gilkes on trombone, and Greg Gisbert on fluegel. I've also include an alternate mix with no drums, as I thought it might assist you in extracting horn details when you follow the score.