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Wah-Wah - download 320 kbps MP3

Wah-Wah - CD

past project highlights

  • Receive prominent credit listing on the new recording Wah-Wah
  • Receive an exclusive recording performed live in the studio specifically for you
  • Attend the recording session in NYC (date/location TBA)
  • Receive a personalized iPod filled with Torben's favorite music
  • Get an inside look into the creative process of guitarist Torben Waldorff and watch this recording come to life
   This project was completed on 3/18/2013    read more
The original project description read as follows

In this exciting new project you are invited to follow Torben's creative process from the very first melodies emerging from his guitar, to the rehearsals and tour preceding the recording of his new CD - Wah-Wah in New York City (April 2012).   Gary Versace, Jon Wikan and Matt Clohesy will be joining Torben along the way.

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