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Afterburn Participant - CD (mail order)

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past project highlights

  • Witness the creation of Torben's new CD as well as the follow up (ie: bootlegs from concerts and on the road/in the bus material)
  • Create a true european/american collaboration as Torben posts improvisations for musicians from all over the world to contribute to.  These will be posted on the project site for all to listen to.
  • Gain deeper insight to Torben's creative process through monthly video productions that track the compositional, rehearsal, recording and live "processes"
  • Downloads of Torben live from various collaborative projects.
   This project was completed on 10/8/2008    read more
The original project description read as follows

In the "Afterburn" project fans will follow Torben's progress in the creation of his newest CD, "Torben Waldorff Afterburn". They will be able to do this through streaming and downloadable media in the form of journals, galleries, audio streaming, and small video productions. Torben will also specifically document the development of new compositions from their very first melodic seed to the final finished product. This will give fans a whole new insight to Torben's compositional process. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with Torben through his Euro/American Fusion Fan Interactive (working title).
Through this interactive, Torben will post his own short European embodied improvisation to his site for download. Fans can then rework or add on to this track anyway they please, thereby creating a new Euro/American Fusion that can be submitted to Torben.  Torben will then go through the submissions and pick a few to post on the site as examples of this "fusion". Participants will receive updates to all of this via streaming video productions that will be produced as small shows. Each monthly update will have an intro welcoming all participants, an update on the progress of the rehearsals or recording (including interviews with the band members or recording team), the Fusion interactive, an update on the current composition and an overview of what's to come. Participants will also have access to official bootleg material from the site including bootleg recordings of live concerts, recordings of the band on the road hanging out with each other, and recordings of rehearsals. This will all be made available via streaming radio.