living jazz: serenity project experience

participant offers

2006 "Serenity Song" Recording Download Participant Offer (128 kbps Mp3)

2006 "Serenity Song" Recording High Quality Download Participant Offer (320 kbps Mp3)

2006 "Serenity Song" Recording Participant Offer

"Sigame" High Quality Download Participant Offer (320 kbps Mp3)

"Suite for New York" High Quality Download Participant Offer (320 kbps Mp3)

past project highlights

Access to the total creative process behind the making of my new Justin Time CD (Delivery Date 6/20/06)

Downloads of 'Sigame' and 'Suite for New York' with accompanying downloadable sheet music

Exclusive behind the scene mini video-documentaries

ArtistShare Edition Living Jazz Podcasts

D.D. Jackson Radio

Regular journal entries and Living Jazz columns

Sample pdf charts and audio mock-ups

Artistshare-only music

Exclusive bonus additional content throughout the project; my additional thoughts on technology and the future of music and the internet
   This project was completed on 12/6/2006    read more
The original project description read as follows

In his popular Down Beat column “Living Jazz”, pianist/composer D.D. Jackson has been chronicling what it means to “live the life of jazz” and explore “jazz as a living, breathing art form.” Now follow D.D.’s day-by-day real life “living jazz” experiences as he makes his new 2006 "Serenity" CD for Justin Time Records (scheduled for a June 20/06 release). By participating in his “Serenity” Project Experience you will have access to exclusive behind-the-scenes mini video-documentaries, audio Podcasts and Living Jazz journals, downloadable charts, and photo galleries. You will also receive Artistshare-only music, streaming/downloads of live performances, rehearsals, band interviews and compositional mock-ups - all chronicling the making of the “Serentiy” recording from its inception and composition through to the selection of players and rehearsals and finally to the recording/mixing/mastering/producing process.

Both new and established fans of D.D. Jackson will be excited by the "behind-the-scenes" documentation of this talented Artist’s creative process. Participants will gain insight into the steps taken to create a new CD, D.D. Jackson the pianist, composer, producer, writer, and the man.