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Pete Malinverni's Gospel/Jazz

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-Be the very first to receive a CD/DVD of a live performance/recording

-Personally attend final dress rehearsals for the performances

-Sing as though you were a member of the ensemble by learning your own vocal part
   This project was completed on 6/1/2006    read more
The original project description read as follows

Pete Malinverni, pianist and composer, has spent many years working to bring gospel and jazz music together. Seeing them as sensibilities that were “separated at birth”, he sees his work with and for Gospel Choir and Jazz Ensemble as an effort to re-unite these styles in an “intelligently soulful” way.

Pete Malinverni will compose a suite for Gospel Choir and Jazz Ensemble with a text and narration taken from the Psalms of King David. Through this project, Pete hopes to bring this unique musical experience to fans of his work as a jazz pianist, lovers of Gospel Music and to a wider audience overall.

Throughout the year, Pete will be preparing for a concert to be held in October 2005 where a final recording of his new suite will take place. Preparation will include rehearsals, and a lead off performance to be held in May 2005. This is where your participation begins.

Over the course of this project, participants will have access to articles on a variety of subjects relevant to the process, ranging from compositional techniques to the rehearsal process. There will also be downloadable lead sheets, audio lectures, and much more. And depending on your participatory level, you may have personal access to a live recording session, on-line piano lessons, autographed CDs, or even Credit Listing on the final recording.

This is an exciting opportunity to have an insider view into Pete Malinverni’s artistic process and in doing so you can become a special supporter of a unique artist.