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Hemispheres - Download

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what you get

  • Early release of the Jim Hall/Bill Frisell Duo recording via 320 kbps MP3 download
  • A download of the Jim Hall/Bill Frisell Duo cover art
  • The ArtistShare® Project Experience as it unfolds
   This project was completed on 6/15/2008    read more

Be the first to get inside the creative process behind the Jim Hall/Bill Frisell duo with a downloadable CD-quality (320 kbps) recording of their collaboration, available  You can submit your own ideas for cover art to be chosen by Bill and Jim and incorporated into an accompanying downloadable booklet.

As a participant, you have access to the music as it unfolds through interviews with Jim and Bill, composition updates, coverage from the studio, and the opportunity to get your questions answered directly by Jim Hall in a monthly Q&A session.

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