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hope and resilience platinum participant

Hope and Resilience Platinum Participant
$10,000 Limited (1 left of 1 )

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Estimated ship date : 12/17/2021
Ships to: Anywhere In the world

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what you get

  • 1. One of 500 Your Future Story Limited Edition hardcover books with accompanying music tracks (ships in March 2021)
  • 2. An invitation to a rehearsal that will be held in Fall 2021 in New York City, USA
  • 3. Prominent credit listing on the new "10 Years and Counting" CD artwork
  • 4. An autographed page of the original score from one of the compositions on "10 Years and Counting" (ships in December 2021)
  • 5. "10 Years and Counting" Autographed CD and digital music data (ships in December 2021)
  • 6. Invitation for the exclusive thank-you online talkshow (90 min) - will be held in 2021
  • 7. A public online talkshow with Miggy and one of the interviewees advertised as presented by you
  • 8. The exclusive 1 on 1 online-hang with you and your friends (60 min) in English or Japanese language - will be held in 2021
  • 9. Handwritten thank you card from Miggy to your door (ships in April 2021)
  • 10. Exclusive access to updates and videos througout the project

As a Hope and Resilience Platinum participant you will receive a personal invitation to one of our recording rehearsals in NYC, an autographed Your Future Story LTD Edition Book, exclusive Platinum participant credit listing on the upcoming "10 Years and Counting" recording artwork, an original autographed score page from the title composition "10 years and counting" as well as a personal one on one online hang for you and your friends.  Access to exclusive updates is also included as the project unfolds.

I look forward to sharing this experience with you!