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artistshare® executive presenter participant

ArtistShare® Executive Presenter Participant
$3,000 Limited (4 left of 4 )

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what you get

  • ArtistShare® Executive Presenter credit on events page
  • Thank you announcement from the stage
  • 6 tickets to the show – VIP seating and backstage access when possible
  • Accompany the band to a pre or post performance celebration at a designated place
  • Signed copies of sheet music used in the concert
  • Executive Presenter feature post on social media, including photos from the concert
   This project was completed on 10/27/2018    read more

Welcome to the ArtistShare® Executive Presenter offer. Do you plan on attending a Steel House performance?  Become the ArtistShare® Executive Presenter for any of the performances on the Steel House tour.   Along with being credited as being a presenter of the live show, you will also receive exclusive access to the project.  By participating at this level you will truly be playing an integral part in the evolution of the music of Steel House.

Thank you for supporting live music!