the latin jazz project

the latin jazz project ltd edition 180grm vinyl - pre order (ship date 6/15/2021)

The Latin Jazz Project LTD Edition 180grm Vinyl - Pre Order (ship date 6/15/2021)
$45 Limited (146 left of 200 )

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what you get

  • Pre-order the audiophile quality 180grm vinyl record (ship date 6/15/2021)
  • Access to the Spanish Harlem Orchestra Experience
   This project was completed on 10/31/2020    read more

Experience the music of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra in stunning audiophile quality on re-mastered 180grm vinyl.

It's obvious we play records for the experience... not the format. It just so happens the vinyl format forces one heck of an experience; and experience is exactly what you get with SHO. The arrangements and production were careful to fit perfectly to sides... the recording, mixing and mastering were all performed in high resolution. 

Eric Boulanger

Founder | Mastering Engineer

The Bakery - Los Angeles California

This recording is limited to 200 LPs.