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Chorister Participant

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what you get

  • Audio downloads of each vocal line (of same selection) for the participant to learn whichever vocal part he/she would like.
  • Choral Score of one selection from the Gospel/Jazz Suite in .PDF format
  • Pete Malinverni Gospel/Jazz Project CD via mail (Delivery Date 5/02/06)
  • Accompanying DVD of the Gospel/Jazz Project with highlights from the event, interviews, rehearsal footage and more (Delivery Date 5/02/06)
  • Video greeting outlining the year’s work to the participant
  • Core Experience
   This project was completed on 6/1/2006    read more

Have the unique opportunity to get inside the choral music with exclusive downloads of each vocal part in an original Pete Malinverni composition. Learn each harmony line and experience the music as a participant and not just as a listener. You will of course receive your limited edition Pete Malinverni Gospel/Jazz Project CD via mail and the accompanying DVD of the concert. As an additional extra, you will a downloadable copy of the Choral Score of the selection from the Gospel/Jazz Project (Delivery Date 5/02/06).

Experience the unique blend of Gospel and Jazz as they are melded together by the talented artist Pete Malinverni. Witness his creative process as he works towards creating this live Gospel/Jazz recording and accompanying DVD. Pete Malinverni will provide extensive background into his work with Gospel Choirs as well as his work as a jazz pianist. There will be lectures and interviews on his experiences as well as audio samples of his rehearsal process. The Artist will provide insight into his work with the African-American Baptist Church where he has been Minister of Music for over 10 years. He will also offer sheet music for his new compositions that will appear on the final project recording. After sampling Pete Malinverni’s process through his journals, lectures, interviews, audio and video downloads you will have an understanding of the work the CD itself cannot offer. You will have a sense of its own unique history passing through the Artist himself.

This offer is for individuals who love to sing, whether for fun or professionally as well as gospel music lovers and fans of Pete Malinverni.