spring 2017 commission project

spring 2017 commissioner participant

Spring 2017 Commissioner Participant


$2,500 Limited (0 left of 4 )

Ships to: Anywhere In the world

what you get

  • Credit listing on the published score and parts
  • An invitation to attend the premiere performance of the new piece at the Newport Jazz Festival® 08/06/2017 
  • Personal calls with Maria as she updates you on the progress of the piece 
  • See sketches of the composition as the piece unfolds and develops
  • A glimpse into rehearsals, either through video or by actually attending if you are available.
   This project was completed on 12/14/2017    read more

As a Commission Participant you will receive private access into my musical world as I create a new composition through ArtistShare® to be premiered at the Newport Jazz Festival®. 

Your name will be prominently listed under the title page of the finished piece in all subsequent printings of the work including the parts used by (my band and countless other bands) in performance.   Should it be recorded, you will be credited as commissioner on the recording.

You and a guest of your choice will be invited to attend  the premier performance of the new piece  Just a word of caution though, I am known to embarrass my fans by expressing my adoration and praise for them on stage, so please don't be surprised if your name is mentioned in gratitude!

I'm looking forward to the birth of this new piece and to sharing the experience with you.

Thank you for being such an important part of this process.

Please note that the offer has 4 total participation slots open but there is no limit to how many of those 4 any one participant can purchase.  Once they are sold however, Title page credit listing for the project will be closed for this piece.