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All The Things You Are Lesson Participant

Saxophone Sound Production Lesson Participant

The Jon Gordon Complete ArtistShare Participant offer

Jon Gordon’s Within Worlds Download Participant - 128 kbps Mp3

Within Worlds CD

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Improviser Lesson Participant Offer - download

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The Things You Are CD

Jon Gordon's The Things You Are Download Participant - 128 kbps Mp3

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2006/07 NY-LA Jon Gordon Live Concerts Participant Offer

Jon Gordon Live Participant Offer

past project highlights

  • Enjoy exclusive on-line composer and improviser lessons
  • Download or receive mail order copies of Jon Gordon’s original books on improvising Foundations for Improvisers
  • Enjoy a complete Mp3 download of a Jon Gordon performance
  • Get additional exclusive online lessons
   This project was completed on 1/30/2007    read more
The original project description read as follows

Welcome to Jon Gordon's online lessons project.
This is a great way to get started in your studies with Jon Gordon. These online lessons allow you direct access to Jon's insight into this music. Check out the lessons and see which one is right for you!