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  • Access to the complete ArtistShare project experience
  • Get an inside look into the Gotham Wind Symphony's creative process for the upcoming album
  • Receive a copy of the new album via mail (Jul 15 2009 12:00AM)
  • Get to watch exclusive interviews, rehearsals, live performances and more!
   This project was completed on 2/9/2010    read more
The original project description read as follows

New Year, New Music

Welcome to the Gotham Wind Symphony’s New Year, New Music project!

As a participant you will have true privileged insight as we commission, rehearse, perform and record (a CD which will be delivered to you) all-new music for 45-piece wind band!
New Year, New Music continues Gotham Wind Symphony’s mission to allow some of the world’s best “jazz” composers to write for a truly large ensemble! The composers for this project are: Bob Brookmeyer; John Hollenbeck; Mike Holober and James Chirillo.

Your participation in this project will give you an inside view of our ensemble process as well as that of the composers through: compositional sketches; conductor’s journals; rehearsal footage; composer interviews; photo galleries and news updates.
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