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  • Receive prominent ArtistShare® credit listing on the Cinqué CD
  • Hear audio selections from my own field recording collection.
  • A personal invitation to attend the recording session
  • VIP access to performances
  • An exclusive look into my creative process as we arrange and perform music for the recording
   This project was completed on 1/29/2018    read more
The original project description read as follows

Thank you to all of the ArtistShare® Participants for making this recording happen!  Special thanks to:


ArtistShare® Executive Producer
Roberta Brenza


ArtistShare® Silver Participants
Marc Mayer
Lynda West 
Brian West
Avi and Galit Sacajiu


ArtistShare® Bronze Participants

Anthony Creamer

Amy Draizen

Justin Freed

Andrew Kapustin
Carolin Rechberg
Neil Moskowitz

Maria Schneider

Greg Scholl
Michele and Gregory Wright

Robin Wyatt
Matt Yaple


Produced by Jason Olaine and Elio Villafranca


Welcome to the Cinqué project.  My composition, “Cinqué Suite,” has been presented at Jazz at Lincoln Center to sold-out audiences, and now I am excited to embark on a new journey to capture this music and the story of Cinque in a new recorded media project. You are invited to watch the creative process as we bring this story to life.

The story of Cinqué has been a great inspiration for me and countless others.   Joseph Cinqué, a West African born man of the Mende people, born in Sierra Leone is one of extreme courage, incredible intellect, strength and faith.  

The project will also showcase the cultural diversity in the five Caribbean islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, The Dominican Republic, and Jamaica, while simultaneously highlighting the African traditions woven into the fabric each of these nations.

Throughout the years, I have traveled and performed comprehensive field research of the music and rhythms in the Caribbean including the rich Cuban musical heritage. The ensemble of twelve amazing musicians creates a wide sonic spectrum with a variety of instruments, including percussion instruments from the five islands.

As the project progresses, participants will be able to follow the entire creative process from start to finish through videos, audio clips, photos, downloads and more. You will have a chance to hear audio selections from my own field recording collection but most importantly you will be joining me on an incredibly inspiring journey.  One that I have dreamed of for a very long time.