concerto for folded space: steve wiest and the eclectric band

participant offers

past project highlights

  • Receive prominent ArtistShare® credit listing on the Concerto for Folded Space CD
  • Join Steve and the band in the studio as their special guest for one of the recording/mixing/mastering sessions
  • Access to exclusive artist interviews with Steve and other musicians involved in the project
  • Exclusive access to Steve's scores online in early sketch form and once they are completed
  • A digital download (in PDF format) of 4 short stories from The Dover Stone, the book written by Steve that inspired the music
  • Exclusive video updates where Steve takes you through his compositional process step by step
  • Exclusive video footage of rehearsals, recording sessions, and mixing/mastering sessions with Steve Wiest and The Eclectric Band
  • Access to "The Making of the Concerto For Folded Space" documentary at the completion of the project
   This project was completed on 9/30/2014    read more
The original project description read as follows

Welcome to my Concerto for Folded Space ArtistShare® Project. I am really excited to share my debut ArtistShare® adventure with you as we take this journey together.

I have always been artistically inspired by the world of science-fiction. To me, there is a natural connection with that astounding realm and the musical universe. So, for this project I have written a book to use as fuel in composing a programmatic bridge between the two environments. My novel is called The Dover Stone and it is made up of inter-connected vignettes or "Movements" that tell an epic tale of life from other worlds and our place in the cosmos.

For the next few months, I will be creating this groove-oriented, electric jazz, and along the way I will be exploring a vibrant, sci-fi inspired musical palette which will feature the exotic sounds resulting from the unique combination (from both live-tracking and post recording studio manipulations) of two electric guitars, electric bass, drums, percussion, trombones, flutes, and solo instruments. The group that will breathe life into my music is made up of some of today's most creative musicians including drummer Stockton Helbing, guitarists Ryan Davidson and Noel Johnston, bassist Braylon Lacy and flutist Daniel Pardo. Along with this core "Eclectric Band," we will be adding a monster group of world-class guest artists including Bob Mintzer, James Pankow and Arlington Jones.

Each Episode will be an ever-evolving, work-in-progress, and my personal creative process leaves each composition open for expansion as I strive to evoke the emotional world of science-fiction through music. I can add more instruments to the ensemble if I feel that the music is moving in a direction that calls for additional forces. Who knows exactly where this aesthetic expedition will take us?! Whatever happens, the end result of this project will be a new and innovative CD of original music featuring my trombone playing along with The Eclectric Band and musical guests.

Throughout the process of conceptualizing, composing, rehearsing, recording, engineering, mixing, and mastering the music for this album, I will be sharing my creative process with you as I craft these new works of art. All of this will be captured through photos, discussions of the stories behind the music on my blog, exclusive previews of my scores and musical concepts, streaming audio and video, and much more. You'll be able to take part in my writing method from start to finish, and along the way you’ll hear commentaries from the musicians, engineers, and anyone interesting who might join me in my exploration of this new sonic territory.

Join me today as I take this artistic voyage by choosing a participation offer that best suits you. I am really psyched to start composing new music based on The Dover Stone universe and I look forward to your participation in my project as we journey together in search of a new creative experience in the Concerto for Folded Space.