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past project highlights

  • Allégresse recording via mail-order CD or high-quality download
  • "Hang Gliding" video – see streamed slideshow of Maria hang gliding over Rio, set to the music
  • Streamed video: A look back in time into creating the music on Allégresse
  • Streamed video: A look back into the "recording" of Allégresse
  • Streamed video of Scott Robinson's laboratory (Scott is featured on "Sea of Tranquility")
   This project was completed on 11/1/2003    read more
The original project description read as follows

Allégresse was our third recording. It is best known for its opening track "Hang Gliding" which is an audience favorite to this day. First recorded in 2000, it has since been remastered and is available as a mail-order CD or a download.

The ArtistShare platform did not exist when we first made this recording in 2000, so we obviously hadn't thought to document the sessions like we do today. So, to bring some of it to life again, Maria has stepped back in time, to discuss the importance of this album in her career via video. She explains how she now sees that it was an important pivot point in her compositional life, and how it transformed the way she would approach recording in the future. She also brings "Hang Gliding" to life by sharing her experience firsthand via a slideshow video from the clouds of Rio de Janeiro. She also offers a look into Scott Robinson's laboratory – a wonderful place where Scott explores extraordinary sounds.