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  • Coming About CD via mail, or downloadable MP3
  • Downloadable live MP3 of "El Viento" from Manchester Craftsmen's Guild (never before released)
  • Streamed video of Maria discussing each of the tracks on Coming About
  • Streamed video of Scott Robinson's laboratory, where you get a glimpse of his creativity
  • Tour of Windom, MN (Maria's hometown) video
   This project was completed on 11/8/2016    read more
The original project description read as follows

Coming About (first released in 1996), has been re-mastered and re-released with a fresh new design. 

In addition to the mail-order CD or MP3, you will also receive streamed videos. In the first video which Maria made in 2008, she speaks in detail about each track on the recording. We've also included a video of Scott Robinson at home in his laboratory demonstrating his theremin (featured in "Bombshelter Beast") along with many other unique instruments that have become his trademark. So much of Maria's music is influenced by her childhood, and you'll get a little glimpse of her hometown, Windom, MN, as you find yourself on our band bus, heading into Windom, escorted by the Windom firetruck. 

We are happy to offer an extra MP3 of "El Viento" recorded at a live performance at the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild in April of 2006. This additional live performance has the same soloists as the recording (Ben Monder, Larry Farrell, and Greg Gisbert), but you can hear the energy and evolution of a live performance one decade later.