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  • This is an invitation to everyone, to follow along with me, through video, the premier of a work written in dedication to our dear friend and bandmate, Laurie Frink. This work will be premiered and played, in Laurie's honor, throughout the week at our annual Thanksgiving Week engagement at the 'Jazz Standard' this November, 2013.
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I want to share with everyone, an experience that is deeply meaningful to me -- the making of a work that I feel driven to write, celebrating the life of the wonderfully talented trumpet player, amazingly gifted teacher, and dear friend, Laurie Frink.  I feel compelled to share this as a thank you to all of you who have been there for me, the band and our recordings for over the past 10 years. You've been listening to Laurie play on every single recording we ever made starting back in 1992.

This work will be purely about trying to express beauty in the way Laurie did in her music and her vibrant life. She was not only deeply talented musically, but also visually. Few knew that she was a magnificent potter, as well as a lovely poet, too. There were so many incredible layers to this universally-loved woman.

I'll be sharing this story through streamed online videos filmed at my piano from my home, let you see sketches of the music as I find my way to the end of a piece that will hopefully be worthy of Laurie's name. We'll share video of our rehearsal as well. We'll premiere the work at the Jazz Standard Thanksgiving Week in November, for those who can come. If not, you'll see the premier and much more here through video.

I hope you'll be moved by the experience. Maria Schneider

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