the score and parts project

The Score and Parts Project

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A Potter's Song

A World Lost

Aires de Lando



Arbiters of Evolution

Baytrail Shuffle

Bird Count


Bombshelter Beast (Part 1: Scenes from Childhood)

Braided Together

Bulería, Soleá y Rumba

Cerulean Skies

Choro Dançado (Part 1: Three Romances)

City Sunrise

Coming About (Part 3: Scenes from Childhood)

Concert in the Garden

Coot Stew

Dance You Monster to My Soft Song

Dança Ilusória (Part 3: Three Romances)

Data Lords

Don't Be Evil

El Viento


Full Winter Morning Walks 9 song cycle (for vocal ensemble with rhythm section)

Green Piece

Gumba Blue


Hang Gliding


How Important It Must Be (from “Winter Morning Walks”) for vocal ensemble with rhythm section

I Saw a Dust Devil This Morning (from “Winter Morning Walks”) for vocal ensemble with rhythm section

In a Pinch

Journey Home

Last Season



Look Up

Monarch and the Milkweed (The)

Mountain Aire

My Lament

My Lament (Vocal Version) "Cry to the Stars"

Night Watchmen (Part 2: Scenes from Childhood)


Our Finch Feeder (from “Winter Morning Walks”) for vocal ensemble accompanied by piano or rhythm section

Pas de Deux (Part 2: Three Romances)

Prairie Dance

Pretty Road (The)

Rich’s Piece


Samba Solstice (Combo)


Scenes from Childhood (three movements)

Sea of Tranquility

Sky Blue

Smooth Talk

Some Circles


Stone Song

Swing Street

The Sun Waited for Me

This n’ That

Thompson Fields (The)

Three Romances (three movements)

Tork's Cafe

Walking By Flashlight (Big Band Instrumental Version)

Walking by Flashlight (from “Winter Morning Walks”) for vocal ensemble with rhythm section

Waltz for Toots


Willow (The)

Winter Morning Walks (Score & Parts)


past project highlights

  • Immediately downloadable scores and parts in PDF format
  • Instant access to any updates or corrections
  • Access the creative process behind the compositions through exclusive streaming videos, audio shows, and more
   This project was completed on 5/21/2008    read more
The original project description read as follows

The goal of this project is not to just sell you the printed music, but to give you something much more extensive – a “virtual clinic” with me and my band. Each piece is accompanied by video of my musicians talking about their approach to playing the music. I’ve included video of me discussing rehearsal of the music. And for music that came from our last few recordings, we’ve specially mixed versions for you and your musicians without solos for their practice. Some of the newer pieces have even been mixed without drums or bass part so that your players can practice with my band. I’ve tried to offer every possible tool for your use and pleasure.

The easier-to-play pieces that were written for younger bands, and that were never recorded on my band’s CDs, were separately recorded at a rehearsal by my band so that your students can have a reference performance to listen to and use as a reference.

You are always welcome to pass on questions to me.  I hope you’ll enjoy all that we are offering.