the artistshare commission project

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New Commission Score and Parts

New Commission Study Score

Enhanced Listener Participant

past project highlights

  • An exclusive look into Maria's compositional journey as it is being created with total artistic freedom
  • Credit listing on the published score and parts
  • See sketches of the composition as the piece unfolds and develops
  • Signed, matted original sketch page or a signed title page of the published score(See offers for details)
  • Personal calls with Maria as she updates you on the progress of the piece (Commission Participant only)
  • A glimpse into a first rehearsal, either through video or by actually attending the rehearsal (See offers for details)
  • Participant offers are closing 11/1/09
   This project was completed on 4/1/2010    read more
The original project description read as follows

The creation of a new piece is an unpredictable journey.  The process for discovering each piece is always different and unique in its own way.

Through this project, I would like to share this exhilarating journey with you, inviting you to step inside my musical world as this new piece unfolds.  You will witness the work as it evolves from my initial musical thoughts into to a full realized piece of music.

Along with access to exclusive conference calls and video updates, in gratitude your name will be printed on the title page of the finished score that will be used in performance by my band and countless other bands and performances in perpetuity.

Traditional commissioned pieces can sometimes be restrictive if they dictate length and form.  The adventure of this project is that this piece may take on any shape or form: You are allowing me total artistic freedom to create and perfect a piece that has come straight from the world of my imagination, so there are no limits.  I am dedicated to creating the best piece that I possibly can, so much so, that if I create a piece and after performing it, I am not satisfied with the result, I will begin again and write a new piece until I'm totally happy.

There's a story in a collection of Zen writings called True Friends: The story tells of two friends; one is a skillful harpist, the other a skillful listener.  They complement each other perfectly, and one cannot seem to exist without the other.  And so it goes with this project–you play an equal part as the skillful listeners, my good friends.

If it is your wish to become the sole commissioner of this piece, you can do so by purchasing all four Commission Participant offers.  You can also split the commission with a friend (purchase two offers each) or just purchase one of the four commission openings and experience this adventure with other like minded music lovers.  Once the commission slots are filled the project will be open for participation to Score and Parts Participants who can pre-order scores for future performances of the piece commissioned by you.

Depending what level you join in at, there are offers ranging from: personal phone calls with updates from Maria, to video updates, to having your name (or a dedication) inscribed on the title page of the printed music, or your name listed as a participant on the final page of the published score and individual parts, invites to, or video of the first rehearsal, to video of discussions with the musicians playing this work, to being my guest at the first performance.

You can also email me with questions about my creative process and this piece; I am picking a selection of questions to answer in the form of streaming video segments that are made available to all participants.

This project has a definite time span: The offers are closing on November 1st. At this point, the score and parts will be moved to the store of my score and parts project with only select pieces of project experience videos.

I invite you to share this journey with me and to watch a new composition unfold!