Grammy® Season Recommended Listening

9/19/2018 - Grammy® Season Recommended Listening

With the 61st Grammy® Awards rapidly approaching, we want to share with you our submissions for consideration.  2018 has been a very busy year for our artists so here are some projects we’re sure you’ll love!

Spanish Harlem Orchestra Anniversary

The multi-Grammy award winning, undisputed heavyweight champions of salsa are back with one of their finest recordings to date. Anniversary is a celebration of 15 years of dedication and inspiration while paying homage to the tradition of Salsa and Latin Jazz.

Music in the American Wild

Combining masterful cutting edge modern classical composition with stunning video of America’s national parks the American Wild Ensemble is not only pushing the envelope of classical music but perhaps even creating a new genre. The concept is simple; commission beautiful contemporary music inspired by beautiful places and bring it directly to those places to share with the community. A thoroughly unique and ground breaking project that you must see to believe. Video coming soon!

Cheryl Bentyne - ReArrangements of Shadows

You know Cheryl from the 23 Grammy award-winning vocal group the Manhattan transfer. Cheryl has had many stellar projects in the past as but nothing quite compares to this beautiful re-imagination of the works of Stephen Sondheim. Cheryl told us that this project has been lifelong dream and with the help and support of her fans through ArtistShare she has created yet another amazing collection of music which will surely add another Grammy award to her mantle.

Elio Villafranca - Cinque'

Elio Villafranca's Cinque is a five movement suite inspired by the story of Joseph Cinque, who in 1839 led a successful revolt aboard the slave ship La Amistad, days after being sold and transported to a sugar plantation in Cuba. Elio’s most ambitious project today, showcases the cultural diversity of the five Caribbean islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, The Dominican Republic, and Jamaica; while simultaneously highlighting the Congolese musical heritage woven into the fabric of each of these diverse nations, and yet unified via the forced migration of Africans to the Americas. A stunning fan-funded project.

Steel House
There is a magic that happens when three musicians get together. Each an equal leader, they spontaneously interact and converse through music. Not concerned with "genre" or "style," the musicians embraces the magic of the moment, playing with stillness and with energy, each piece determined by the ephemeral. Steel house is Edward Simon, Scott Colley and Brian Blade. Need we say more?

Diva Jazz Orchestra - 25th Anniversary
The DIVA Jazz Orchestra started 25 years ago and to mark this impressive event. Diva has been a staple on the jazz scene and has also been the orchestra of choice for luminaries such as Nancy Wilson, Joe Williams and Tony Bennett. For this ArtistShare fan-funded project each band member was invited to write a new piece of music for the album paying homage to the lineage of great musicians that have been in the band over the years. Fans witnessed creation of the music as it happened and we’re involved in many behind the scenes events including an invite only concert event at the famed Deer Head Inn.

John Proulx - Say It
John Proulx’s “Say It” started as a collection of John’s favorite songs an ended up an amazing fan-funded interactive project (the fans actually named the record!) . With special guests Melissa Manchester and Alan Broadbent the album also features a core ensemble of today’s top musicians. This Grammy® Award winning, Los Angeles-based crooner’s first release on ArtistShare is a home run.

Migiwa Miyajima - Colorful
The Colorful project is the culmination of Migiwa Miyajima’s lifelong ambition to pursue this music, bring hope through education to those who long to fulfill their passions. The Colorful recording is a strikingly original collection of compositions for large ensemble.