Doug Beavers' receives 2nd Grammy® nomination

12/7/2017 - Doug Beavers' receives 2nd Grammy® nomination

We are proud announce Doug Beavers’ fan-funded ArtistShare® recording "Art of the Arrangement" (AS0154) has been nominated for the Best Tropical Latin Album at the 60th annual Grammy Awards.

Previously earning the prestigious award for his contributions on Eddie Palmieri’s Listen Here, Beavers brings together an exciting community of musicians and fans to participate in his Art of the Arrangement Project. Featuring new works by living, historical arrangers alongside his own compositions and arrangements, Beavers pays tribute to the great arrangers and celebrates the history of Afro-Latin music with a forward-thinking approach that utilizes contemporary techniques, instrumentation, and technology.

The recording includes arrangements by Ray Santos, Jose Madera, Oscar Hernandez, Marty Sheller, Angel Fernandez, Gonzalo Grau, and Doug Beavers, exploring the sounds of a big band with french horns, tuba, electric keyboards, and several vocalists, including Pedrito Martinez.

"ArtistShare projects are built on the premise that the fan and the artist both play a crucial role in the creation of new music. And through ArtistShare, we’ve seen fans and artists connecting from all over the world, across many cultural divides, all with the common interest of creating something beautiful or compelling.  Today more than ever we need the power of art and music to bring us all together.” says Brian Camelio, Founder and CEO of ArtistShare.  "Doug Beavers has truly accomplished this."

Participating fans on ArtistShare received exclusive front-row access to the creative process behind the recording, including interviews with the arrangers, composition sketches, video footage, photo galleries, and more.

A special thank you goes out to the ArtistShare Premium participants who so generously brought this important music to life:

ArtistShare® Silver Participant:
Michael Cerda

ArtistShare® Bronze Participants:
Mark Rosenberg
Rosa Gonzalez
Hans Brinkerhoff

Member voting for the 60th Annual Grammy® Awards is open from December 7th - 21st.