Grammy Nominated Clayton Brothers Quintet Release New Album on ArtistShare

4/7/2016 - Grammy Nominated Clayton Brothers Quintet Release New Album on ArtistShare

SOUL BROTHERS Creates a Canvas for the Clayton Brothers to Address Societal Issues

Soul Brothers is the newest, powerful project from the Clayton Brothers Quintet, simultaneously representing new as well as familiar.

Familiar -
The artists you recognize, continuing their Grammy ® nominated stellar performances: John Clayton on bass, Jeff Clayton on alto saxophone and alto flute, Gerald Clayton on piano, Terell Stafford on trumpet and flugelhorn, and Obed Calviare on drums.

New -
This album represents an exploration of the social issues that plague our inner cities and society. The Clayton Brothers were angered by these issues. These compositions and performances reflect their feelings. With these issues on the mind of the composers, a sense of urgency was created in not just the titles but in the songs themselves.

John states, “We included songs here that reflect the frustration that millions are feeling, related to social and criminal justice. Voting and community activism are important ways to make our voices heard. Music can be another.” Saturday Night Special is only the second song the Clayton Brothers have re-recorded. It is a song about a gun and the violence that accompanies its use. The song lets us hear the peace of the community, only to be disrupted by gunfire.

People across the nation came together to protest the senseless killing and violence we’ve seen recently. With all that still needs to be done, it was reassuring that so many people were coming together to unite their voices. In answer to the question so many people ask, “How long must we continue the protesting, the work, the fatiguing efforts to fix the wrongs?” The answer is, Until We Get It Right, another great song on the album.

“I have learned that no matter the subject, the more open and broad viewed I am, the more I absorb”. John Clayton. That is the thought that inspired Open Up.

“With SOUL BROTHERS, we combine our love of playing together with our outrage at our society’s problems. Music is a wonderful vehicle to express the fun we get from life as well as the heartache we feel when people suffer. We believe that you’ll feel all of this when you hear SOUL BROTHERS”. John Clayton

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