Maria Schneider with Dawn Upshaw and SPCO - Update!

9/28/2012 - Maria Schneider with Dawn Upshaw and SPCO - Update!

Chamber Works Project update from Minnesota.

Maria Schneider has finished recording "Carlos Drummond de Andrade Stories" this week with renowned soprano Dawn Upshaw and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. Project updates include photos and video from the session, producer David Frost and Tim Martyn giving a tour of the control room set up for the recording as well as an interview with Maria right before the first SPCO rehearsal. We have also added exclusive video footage of Maria receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of Minnesota School of Music. Participants can login to for immediate access and be the first to experience as this project comes to life. More to come soon!

This project would not have been possible without your generous support and participation. We especially want to thank ArtistShare Gold Participant Bill Bloemer, ArtistShare Silver Participants Justin Freed, Eugene Malinowski, and ArtistShare Bronze Participants Paul James, Joshua Boger , Russell Faucett, Gilles Fontan, Barbara Berry and Thomas W. Morris for their participation. We would also like to extend a very special thank you to our ArtistShare Executive Producer Participant John Koerber for playing such an integral part in the creation of this new music.