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improviser lesson

Improviser Lesson


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what you get

  • Exclusive lessons which include written exercises, demonstrations, a lecture and more
  • Jon Gordon's The Things You Are via mail (Delivery Date August 11, 2006)
  • Both of Jon Gordon's 'Foundations, and Further Concepts for Improvisers' books
  • Exclusive transcriptions of Jon Gordon's solos from his Contrasts CD
  • Access to the Sound Production lesson
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This offer is designed for students of improvisation at all levels. It includes a hard copy of the new “The Things You Are” c.d. as well as my two books for improvisers on hard copy as well. Also included are two audio lectures/lessons on some of the topics dealt with in the books, as well as demonstrations of the concepts. There will also be a video welcoming you as a participant. An excerpt from the new live recording will come later on as a reward as well as two solo transcriptions and downloads of the recordings of the solos, as well as a few surprise extras.