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all the things you are lesson participant

All The Things You Are Lesson Participant

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what you get

  • Jon Gordon's unique approach and insight into All The Things You Are
  • An online lesson revealing the Jon's past experience with this standard, and techniques for performance and improvisation.
  • An exclusive performance of the lesson topic by Jon
  • Access to submit your questions to Jon Gordon. He will personally address them in his streaming audio shows
  • Includes the Saxophone Sound Production Lesson
  • The on-going project experience
   This project was completed on 1/30/2007    read more

As a Lesson Participant, you will receive an exclusive on-line lesson from Jon Gordon on his insight and approach to performing the classic standard, "All The Things You Are". Jon will discuss his past experience, and techniques for performance and improvisation. He will also include an exclusive performance demonstrating the approach and techniques discussed.

Each lesson participant will be given access to send comments and questions to Jon, which he will personally address in his audio shows.

This is a perfect way to begin your studies with Jon Gordon and gain valuable knowledge and insight into "All The Things You Are"