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American Rock Beauty Download

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  • The Limited Edition recording of American Rock Beauty via 320 kbps Mp3 download
  • Downloadable cover art
  • The complete ArtistShare Project Experience 
   This project was completed on 8/23/2010    read more

Following my two releases here at ArtistShare, Brilliance and Afterburn, it is now time for me to set out for my third CD recording. The actual recording will take place in New York in July 2009 with pretty much the same team as the Afterburn CD and is called American Rock Beauty. Participating in the project by getting in here gives you access to the unique ArtistShare experience where so much of the creative process of the whole circus of making a original CD is documented for you to enjoy. This is a rich experience going far beyond, but still culminating in the delivery of the CD recording as a 320 mbps Download. Through audio, video, journals and more we will show what goes on in the process, composing, rehearsing, recording session, hanging out, live bootlegs and behind the scenes kind of things with these amazing musicians. My 2 previous recordings here at ArtistShare have gained an amazing critical acclaim worldwide and this will be an interesting ride too.