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Jon Gordon

` Past Project Highlights for Jon Gordon - Answer

  • Prominent credit listing on the new recording
  • A private house concert or virtual live performance for you and your friends
  • Narrated listening guides to the music that inspired me the most
  • Access to the ArtistShare project experience as we document the process of the new recording

` Past Project Highlights for Stranger Than Fiction

  • A private solo or small group performance 
  • Composition dedication on the recording
  • LTD Edition autographed CDs
  • Follow the creative process of the making of this new recording

` Past Project Highlights for Jon Gordon Evolution


    • Access to the complete ArtistShare project experience
    • Get an inside look into Jon Gordon's creative process for his upcoming album
    • Receive a copy of the new album via mail (##productdeliverydate##)



` Past Project Highlights for The Jon Gordon Lessons Project

  • Enjoy exclusive on-line composer and improviser lessons
  • Download or receive mail order copies of Jon Gordon’s original books on improvising Foundations for Improvisers
  • Enjoy a complete Mp3 download of a Jon Gordon performance
  • Get additional exclusive online lessons