ArtistShare® Silver Participant

Border Crossing

ArtistShare® Silver Participant


What you get

  • Prominent ArtistShare® Silver Participant credit listing on the new recording
  • Limited Edition autographed, personalized copy of the recording (est. ship date 10/1/2022) 
  • A private online presentation of "The Alchemist Files - Live" - exclusively for you and your friends
  • An exclusive narrated listening guide to the recordings that have inspired us the most with explanations as to why we chose each recording, how it inspired us and what to listen for
  • Includes all content, services and privileges of the ArtistShare® Bronze Participant

About This Offer

Welcome to the ArtistShare® Silver Participant Offer. By participating at this level you will truly be playing an integral part in the creation of this new work. Along with receiving prominent Silver Participant credit listing on the final album artwork, you will also receive exclusive access to every aspect of this project.

As a Silver Participant, you will also receive exclusive access to a private online episode of "The Alchemist Files - Live" for you and your friends.

As we take this artistic journey together, I will be sharing the creative process with you through exclusive videos, audio shows, downloads, photos and news keeping you update to date on the status and progress of this work.  In addition, you will also have an exclusive episodic video series titled "The Alchemist Files" where I break down each composition and dive deep into the origins and inspirations which brought it to life.  

Participate today and join us on this joyful musical journey!