anthology participant - sheet music book plus hi-res download

Anthology Participant - Sheet Music Book plus Hi-Res Download

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Estimated ship date : 3/10/2022
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what you get

  • The Amplify Anthology sheet music book via mail (estimated ship date Mar 10 2022 12:00AM)
  • The Amplify recording hi-res download
  • The complete ArtistShare® Project Experience including access to the creative process behind the making of the recording

Welcome to the Amplify Anthology offer, where you will get a behind-the-scenes look at the process of bringing this album to life through ArtistShare®. As a participant, you will have a unique look into our creative process as we record and produce this project.

The Amplify Anthology Vol. 1 is a sheet music publication containing seventeen of the songs that appear in this album. This anthology is being published by NewMusicShelf and will be released during the summer of 2021. This beautiful book will contain bios of all the writers and composers, sheet music in the original keys, and a foreword by 2017 writer, Rithik Sinhasan.

As we take this artistic journey together, we will be sharing our creative process with you through exclusive videos, audio excerpts, downloads, photos, and news to keep you up to date on the status and progress of this work, made possible by you.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you!