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the songbook gift

The Songbook Gift

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what you get

  • Share the music of Debbie Friedman by gifting 200 songbooks to the school or organization of your choice.
  • Each recipient also receives full Songbook Project Experience
   This project was completed on 10/16/2010    read more

Here is the opportunity to spread your love of Debbie's music and make a difference in your community.

Choose a school or organization to share the music of Debbie Friedman with by gifting 200 songbooks in your name.

Each songbook will have a dedication sticker with a personalized message to accompany this valuable gift of song.

Debbie would love to hear from you so as a participant, you will be able to send her your questions.

She will make a selection of questions to answer each month in an audio show exclusively available to Songbook Participants.

Enjoy and give the gift of song today!