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enhanced listener participant

Enhanced Listener Participant



Ships to: Anywhere In the world

what you get

  • The unique experience of watching Maria Schneider compose a new piece
  • A personal guide from Maria describing and guiding you through the piece in her own words
  • The story/inspirations behind the new piece as told by Maria
  • Study score in PDF format via download (once the piece is completed) to follow along with Maria
  • Your name listed on the final score as a participant in the creation of the new work
  • This offer will be closing on 11/1/09
   This project was completed on 4/1/2010    read more

The creation of a new piece is an unpredictable journey.  The process for discovering each piece is always different and unique in its own way.

Through this project, I would like to share this exhilarating journey with you, inviting you to step inside my musical world as this new piece commissioned by Christophe Asselineau unfolds.  You will witness the work as it evolves from my initial musical thoughts into to a full realized piece of music.

In my own words, I will be guiding you through the piece, telling you what to listen for and what my inspirations were, allowing you to explore and experience the piece through new ears. This guide will be available as a streamed video and as a podcast.

You can also email me with questions about my creative process and this piece; I am picking a selection of questions to answer in the form of streaming video segments that are made available to all participants.

Your name will be listed as a participant on the final pages of the published score and you will receive a video guide from me describing and taking you through the piece, enhancing your listening process and following along with the study score if you so wish.

This project does have a definite time span though: The offers are closing on November 1st. At this point, the score & parts will be moved to my score & parts store with only select pieces of project experience videos.

This offer is for the music lover...the skillful listeners!

I look forward to sharing this unique journey with all of you.