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past project highlights

  • Receive prominent ArtistShare®  credit listing on the new recording
  • Follow the creative process behind the new recording
  • Attend performances as Scott Colley's guest
  • Receive signed original handwritten score pages from the recording
  • Receive personal phone calls from Scott as the project progresses
  • Limited Edition Seven CD by Scott Colley and Current
   This project was completed on 3/28/2017    read more
The original project description read as follows

Creating something new is liberating. As a composer, I love having the freedom to imagine, write, and hear new ideas that come to life throughout the creative process. I'm thrilled to introduce a new group of musicians that I'll be composing brand new music for. We are making our debut performance at the Village Vanguard in April 2016 with Jonathan Finlayson on trumpet, Kevin Hays on piano, and Nate Smith on drums.

Throughout this project, I will be sharing my stories behind the creation of this band and the process that goes into my compositions. As a participant,  you will be able to follow every step of my creative process as I write the music specifically for these talented musicians, communicate with the band in rehearsals, and finally perform these new compositions live and in the studio.

As the project unfolds, you will have exclusive access to interviews, photos, rehearsals, and other project updates. Become an integral part of the project by choosing an ArtistShare® Participation Offer that best suits you.