lake songs - works for jazz ensemble 2007

participant offers

Chicago Song - Score and Parts Participant

Dit Dot - Score and Parts Participant

Earth Song - Score and Parts Participant

Inspector 43 - Score and Parts Participant

Lake Songs 1 Swingin’ on a Swing in the Spring - Score and Parts Participant

Lake Songs 2 Slopes and Dots - Score and Parts Participant

Lake Songs 3 Duckssss! - Score and Parts Participant

Quiet Song - Score and Parts Participant

Spaces - Score and Parts Participant

Vertigo - Score and Parts Participant

past project highlights

  • Download the scores and parts for new works from Tom Davis
  • Receive rehearsal advice specific to all compositions
  • Watch rehearsals of the compositions as well as receiving an overhead view of the drummer
  • Study solos through transcriptions and recordings and interviews
  • Practice to rhythm section recordings of the compositions
   This project was completed on 8/25/2007    read more
The original project description read as follows

Welcome to Tom Davis Music Publications where directors and students are able to stand beside the composer as 10 new works are prepared for your Jazz Ensemble. On this site you will have exclusive access to composer and performer rehearsal tips direct from the studio – on the day that these new works were recorded!

Gain access to a robust arsenal of multimedia support including downloadable solo transcriptions, streaming audio and video interviews of session musicians, mp3s of improvised solos, composer tips and conductor rehearsal suggestions.

In addition, each chart in the New Works for Jazz Ensemble 2006 ‘Score and Parts’ series includes a full length overhead video of the drummer’s in-studio session performance. This exciting new ‘Overhead Drum-Cam’ has proven to be an invaluable teaching tool for student set drummers and directors looking for ways to enhance the role of the drummer in the big band setting.

Access all of this material and more by purchasing one of the Score and Parts Participant Offers on this site. Listen to each chart on my Publications page and see which fit your programming needs for this school year.

In the coming months, I will be posting two previously published charts for Jazz Ensemble – FREE – for participants in the New Works 2006 project. ‘On Two Horizons’ (previously published by Kendor Music) and the uncut / unedited version of ‘Bill Bailey’ – previously recorded on the Eastman Jazz Ensemble ‘Hot House Flowers’ CD.

Join the mailing list to receive more information, updates and educational materials as this new series of charts makes its way into the big band repertoire.

In addition, feel free to contact me at to receive a free demo CD or to ask any questions about ordering these new charts.