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The Alef Bet Songbook Participant

Blessings Songbook Participant

Shirim Al Galgalim: Songs On Wheels Songbook Participant

Debbie Friedman Favorites Songbook Participant

The World Of Your Dreams Songbook Participant

Miracles And Wonders Songbook Participant

The Water in the Well Songbook Participant

The Journey Continues Songbook Participant

Renewal of Spirit Songbook Participant

The Songbook Gift

past project highlights

  • Immediately download the Debbie Friedman song book of your choice
  • The story of a song: exclusive video footage of Debbie's inspirations of one of the songs within the songbook of your choice
  • Submit a question for Debbie and she will make a selection and answer them in a monthly audio show exclusive for participants of the project
  • A percentage of the proceeds of each songbook will go to the OSRUI Campers Scholarship Fund
   This project was completed on 10/16/2010    read more
The original project description read as follows

I would like to invite you to enter the world of my music.

I have so much to share; so much music and expression that I would like you to be able to access.

Through this Songbook Project, I am making my music available to you, book by book, page by page.

As well as each book being available in a downloadable format for you to enjoy, I will be sharing with you my inspirations and thoughts on one song from each book along with anecdotes and ideas on how it should be performed.

I love hearing from you and sharing my stories so as a participant, please feel free to send me your questions.

I will make a selections of questions to answer each month in an audio show exclusively available to Songbook Participants.

One of my missions is to spread the joy of music; and I invite you to do the same.
The Songbook Gift Offer allows you to choose a school or organization to share the music with by gifting 200 songbooks in your name.

Additionally a percentage of the sale of each Songbook Participant Offer will go to the OSRUI Campers Scholarship Fund.

I look forward to sharing my music with you all in this very unique way.