the new song and dance

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The New Song and Dance LTD Edition CD

past project highlights

  • Get an inside look at the creative process of The New Song and Dance and watch the recording come to life
  • Receive credit listing on the new Clayton Brothers CD (Sep 15 2010 12:00AM)
  • Get an exclusive masterclass or lesson from the Clayton Brothers
  • VIP access to the Clayton Brothers' performances 
  • Full exclusive interviews with the Clayton Brothers
  • PDF charts from "The New Song and Dance" including Jeff's "Cha-Cha Charleston", John's arrangement of "They Won't Go When I Go" and more!
   This project was completed on 4/1/2011    read more
The original project description read as follows

Jeff and John welcome you to The New Song And Dance!

Jeff's idea for this latest Clayton Brothers project is one that allows for a lot of creativity as well as focus.  Like most people, we have been moved by dance since day one.  Now it is time for us to center our attention around dance and song, as we write compositions and arrangements which highlight that. 

Of course, we'll maintain all of those essential elements "Clayton!".
Joining us, once again, will be Terell Stafford, Gerald Clayton and Obed Calvaire.

The most thrilling addition to putting this project together is that YOU CAN JOIN US!  You can watch the compositions unfold, know about rehearsals, discover how we problem solve, be updated as we progress, learn about mixing and mastering, and more.  By participating at each level, you can realize different perks that we've added on, things that bring you even closer to being involved in our project, including being at the recording session!

The idea of song and dance will manifest itself in many different ways. 
We invite you to join in our journey as we pursue The New Song And Dance!