the patrick williams project - aurora (threshold revisited)

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past project highlights

  • Experience from start to finish the creation of Patrick's new contemporary recording for Big Band  - Aurora
  • Showcase your talents as an instrumental soloist with a chance to perform on the new recording
  • Receive credit listing on the official "Aurora" CD and project pages
  • Get your own copy of Patrick's new CD, "Aurora"
  • Receive a copy of the new re-issue of "Threshold", Patrick's landmark recording from the 70s
   This project was completed on 3/31/2011    read more
The original project description read as follows

Patrick is a world famous composer, arranger, conductor, and recording artist from Los Angeles.  With a growing musical interest that started at the age of eight, he played various instruments until finally settling on the trumpet.  Patrick played with symphony orchestras and big bands all through school and was fortunate enough to discover a passion for motion picture composition.  In 1969 he pursued a career in Hollywood and has been actively composing for films, television, records, and concerts ever since.

Patrick's first ArtistShare project is titled "The Patrick Williams Project - Threshold Revisited".  For this project, Patrick will take his participants on the journey and through the process of writing, arranging, rehearsing, and recording his newest CD, "Aurora".  All aspects of the progress of this CD will be available to the participants.  The new CD coincides with the re-issue of the classic Patrick Williams recording Threshold.  Threshold is widely considered to be one of the most important large ensemble recordings of this period mostly for its musical content but also for the style in which it was recorded.  Patrick will once again employ this unique style of recording for his new release.  The recording of the new CD and the re-issue of Threshold will prove to be quite a noteworthy event.

In addition, Patrick will ask the participants of his project submit auditions.   He will then choose a featured soloist to come into the studio and perform on the recording.   Whether you are an instrumentalist, composer or music fan there will be plenty of opportunity to interact with Patrick through monthly Q&A sessions.   This should be both an enjoyable and personal interactive for Patrick and the participants and bring fans of Patrick closer to him and his creative process.