Living Jazz: Serenity Project Experience




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What You Get:
Access to the total creative process behind the making of my new Justin Time CD (Delivery Date 6/20/06)

Downloads of 'Sigame' and 'Suite for New York' with accompanying downloadable sheet music

Exclusive behind the scene mini video-documentaries

ArtistShare Edition Living Jazz Podcasts

D.D. Jackson Radio

Regular journal entries and Living Jazz columns

Sample pdf charts and audio mock-ups

Artistshare-only music

Exclusive bonus additional content throughout the project; my additional thoughts on technology and the future of music and the internet
In his popular Down Beat column “Living Jazz”, pianist/composer D.D. Jackson has been chronicling what it means to “live the life of jazz” and explore “jazz as a living, breathing art form.” Now follow D.D.’s day-by-day real life “living jazz” experiences as he makes his new 2006 "Serenity" CD for Justin Time Records (scheduled for a June 20/06 release). By participating in his “Serenity” Project Experience you will have access to exclusive behind-the-scenes mini video-documentaries, audio Podcasts and Living Jazz journals, downloadable charts, and photo galleries. You will also receive Artistshare-only music, streaming/downloads of live performances, rehearsals, band interviews and compositional mock-ups - all chronicling the making of the “Serentiy” recording from its inception and composition through to the selection of players and rehearsals and finally to the recording/mixing/mastering/producing process.

Both new and established fans of D.D. Jackson will be excited by the "behind-the-scenes" documentation of this talented Artist’s creative process. Participants will gain insight into the steps taken to create a new CD, D.D. Jackson the pianist, composer, producer, writer, and the man.