Tim Armacost's "Rhythm and Transformation" CD Participant
Tim Armacost's "Rhythm and Transformation" CD Participant

Tim Armacost's Tim Armacost's "Rhythm and Transformation" CD Participant

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  • Tim Armacost’s Rhythm and Transformation CD via mail (Delivery Date 6/1/07)
  • Outtakes of studio banter
  • A commentary on each composition on the Rhythm and Transformation CD
  • An audio interview with the band on the Rhythm and Transformation recording session
  • One year subscription to Tim's monthly JazZine, with a detailed review and recommendation of a great contemporary recording you may not have heard about
Welcome to my first ArtistShare project – “Rhythm and Transformation.” I will be recording a fantastic new band featuring myself and Eddie Henderson on the front line, Bruce Barth on piano, Ugonna Okegwo on bass, and the triple threat of Billy Hart on drums, Ray Spiegel on Tabla, and Andrew Daniels on percussion. We’ll be documenting my efforts to incorporate elements from Indian Classical Music into Jazz.

In addition to helping to make the project happen by pre-ordering the “Rhythm and Transformation” CD, you will receive my JazZine, with regular updates on the project and CD reviews by musicians for pure pleasure – we’ll be recommending recordings which will enrich your musical life, and we’ll explain why. I will also provide commentary on the structure and background of the compositions, and an audio interview with the band on the recording session will be available for download

I’m excited about this new way of creating and delivering music to listeners. I saw it coming 10 years ago, and I think the people at ArtistShare are way ahead of the curve in creating a new model which is more beneficial to everyone involved. As the artist, I know that my project is in the hands of many people who care about the music. The idea is that your trust gives me the freedom to create something special, and the responsibility to make sure it is of the highest quality.

As a participant in the project you have the satisfaction of contributing directly to the artists who are creating the music. Additionally, the internet makes it possible for your experience to go deeper than just taking a chance on buying a CD in a record store.
You’re still taking a chance, but you can get much more value than just a CD, and the real benefit comes in having more information about the music, directly from the creators. which will make the listening deeper and more enjoyable.

Thank you for your participation – I look forward to working together to create something for all of us to be proud of.


Tim Armacost