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Squealfish Participant

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  • Receive the “Squealfish” CD via mail
  • Downloadable live recordings of different compositions from "Squealfish” in alternate live versions on the road
  • On the road trivia in photo galleries and live concert outtakes with new as well as recorded original music from around the world
  • Torben Waldorff Radio
   This project was completed on 4/9/2007    read more

The 2004 “Squealfish” recording, Torben’s second release, was again a full CD of Torben Waldorff original music. The recording marked a new land for T.W. composing and improvising that made critics write (in short clips) ...Waldorff makes such liberal use of quiet and space that at times it seems he's left the room mid-solo. But when he does re-enter, whether with a single chord or a sudden flurry of notes, it is immediately obvious that his ears have been open to all surrounding sounds. Waldorff knows the importance of space to incite drama. Torben W´s music breathes with style and thoughtful elegance...(S.Brady Philadelphia City Paper, AAJ, Swedish Daily news SvD)

Played by Karl-Martin Almqvist-tenorsax; Mattias Svensson-bass; PA Tollbom-drums; Torben Waldorff-guitar