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Torben Waldorff Collection Participant

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what you get

  • Get a mail order copy of Torben’s album Brilliance and receive downloadable copies of the bonus track “Squealfish” featuring Ingrid Jensen, lead sheets for the music, and Torben’s musings about the album.
  • Receive the Maggi Olin Band CD Land of Me featuring Torben.
  • Receive the Maggi Olin Band CD Dreams featuring Ingrid Jensen and a cool composition by Torben.
  • Receive Torben’s album Squealfish along with the lead sheets and listen to Torben’s thoughts concerning the album’s recording.
  • Download Musings on Brilliance with Donny, Jon and Matt
  • Listen to Torben Waldorff in concert.
  • Download the performance of “Fulof” and “Hello World” live at Copenhagen along with musings on “Hello World” and the lead sheets.
  • Look at photos of Torben’s gigs.
  • Listen to Torben’s commentary on gigs and other musical experiences along with his inspirations.
   This project was completed on 4/9/2007    read more

This offer is a comprehensive collection of music written, produced and played by Torben Waldorff. The three CDs “Hello World” from 1999, “Squealfish” 2004 and the current “Brilliance” comes with the 2 Maggi Olin CDs “Land Of Me” 1996 and “Dreams” 1999, also featuring Ingrid Jensen on the Prophone/Naxos label, which Torben wrote music for, performed on and co-produced. Torben and Maggi share living- and workspace and share a connection in creative work, playing and composing music. Maggi is an influential, important, prizewinning Swedish composer, pianist and bandleader. She has 4 CDs out on Prophone/Naxos, has toured extensively since early nineties and writes music for a variety of projects including all the original music for her CD projects. Her unusual talent in composing, band leading and arranging has rendered her much respect in press and among the musical community.

When you visit your account you can enjoy updates on evolving composition work, concert takes with new music and commentaries through on-line or downloadable audio, video, lead sheets and writings. Gain insights on recording work, personal views on musical development as a composer and performer. Share the touring experience with photo galleries and Torben Waldorff Radio

Enjoy radio, photo galleries, on-line as well as downloadable material portraying the everyday life as a composing and improvising musician and bandleader

Gain a deeper insight into the process of writing music, improvising, rehearsing, recording, touring and inspirations.

On the road trivia and live concert outtakes with new as well as recorded original music from around the world

Musicians appearing within this offer: Maggi Olin, Torben Waldorff, PA Tollbom, Ingrid Jensen, Hans Ulrik, Hans Andersson, Amanda Sedgwick, Donny McCaslin, Matt Clohesy, Jon Wikan, Henrik Frisk, Karl-Martin Almqvist, Gary Thomas, Mattias Svensson