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What I Want

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   This project was completed on 3/5/2006    read more
The original project description read as follows

There are so many sides to the creative life of Nora York that the traditional communication mediums have fallen short. Through the "What I Want" project you will have the unique opportunity to witness and experience the full breadth of this innovative and prolific artist and purchase the current available music.

Participants in this project will receive online access to the "What I Want" project experience. You will have access to Nora's entire recording history as well as radio address's featuring cultural and social commentary, musical and artistic observations, and much like her concerts, Nora will read her favorite poetry and news flashes to you. You will have online access to sheet music, exclusive journal entries, view her changing archive of photos, as well as see the music video projects she has completed. You can even listen in on her secret conversations with a variety of fascinating New Yorkers.

Soon you will be able to participate in inventing an altogether new song cycle/performance called BELIEVE! the G-D project. This project will be initiated with an audience survey soliciting your experience or lack of experience with the god idea and the spirit world.

POWER/PLAY her LIVE PROJECT which is multi layered cacophony of musical recollection focusing on the conflicting disparate cultural currents now moving through America. POWER/PLAY explores the confusion in the relationship to threat, power, and social liberty.

BAROQUE-A-GO-GO -- Nora's brand new project rethinking baroque music in a contemporary way.

PAPA's Got a Brand NEW BAGDHAD! with Clayton Paulding-- a radio project to discover todays soldier and the idea of WAR.

All this and much much more that Nora is still in the process of inventing for her new web adventure!

Welcome to this exclusive entree into Nora York's musical and creative world!

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