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alex sipiagin's live at birds eye participant

Alex Sipiagin's Live At Birds Eye Participant



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what you get

  • “Live At Birds Eye” CD via mail
  • An exclusive download of a live Alex Sipiagin concert
  • Streaming audio interviews with Alex Sipiagin and his band
  • Alex Sipiagin’s ArtistShare Experience
   This project was completed on 5/31/2007    read more

Recorded during the tour with my band at Bird's Eye Club in Switzerland in 2004, by purchasing this package, you are actually getting 2 albums.

You will immediately be sent by mail my new "Live At Birds Eye" CD. Throughout the development of the "Out of the Circle" project, there will be periodical journals as well as audio and visual updates of the work in progress, including sound bits and sheet music of the compositions and arrangements as they go through each phase, and other perks such as photo galleries of various tours I am on, both as a soloist and sideman, etc.

I look forward to sharing this unique creative experience with you.