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Ron Carter - Finding the Right Notes Book Participant



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  • "Ron Carter - Finding the Right Notes" Delivered via mail
  • Exclusive access to Ron Carter content from Dan Ouellette's "The Authorized Ron Carter Biography" project
  • Watch the process as it unfolds through audio, video, photos and written content directly from Ron and Dan
   This project was completed on 1/31/2009    read more

Welcome to "The Authorized Ron Carter Biography Participant Project" where you will be one of the very first people to witness the development of this important new biography of Ron Carter. And because of this, you will one of the first to receive the final book which is slated for release in 2008. (Jan 31 2009 12:00AM)

As a participant at this level, you will also receive exclusive access to content previously unavailable anywhere else, including audio from the interviews Dan Ouellette, the author of the biography, conducted with Ron Carter himself. There is audio of Ron discussing classical music, exclusive tracks of Ron Carter at work as well as video of his receiving an honorary degree from Berklee College of Music. More content documenting the creation of the biography will be available to you over the course of the project year, so as a participant you will be able to check back and access even more special content as time goes by.

Be a part of musical history and become a "Ron Carter Biography Participant" participant today!